Monday, September 1

Gustav grazes The Reef!!

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for all of the wonderful emails and messages from all of our Reef friends and 'extended family' wishing us well through Gustav!

Firstly, we are very thankful to advise that we are all safe and well and that The Reef only received very minor damages on the beachfront and dock areas due to the high waves. Clean up is in progress and, thanks to our amazing maintenance crew, over 70% of the beach and one of our pools is back in perfect condition already! In fact, due to the high waves, we have gained additional beach again which is great news for all of our guests as this adds to our already massive beachfront, even more space to find that secluded spot!!

I have taken some photos around the resort this morning to give you all an idea of how we are doing.

As you can see, our tennis court was an oversized sand pit for a day and our pools have been
pumped out and cleaned ready for action!!
With our brand new hurricane shutters protecting our all beachfront rooms throughout the resort and a very proactive team here at The Reef, clean up will be a breeze!!!

Therefore, to set your mind at ease, we are open for business and all should be completely back to normal within a couple of days! We look forward to seeing you soon!!

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JEBechtold said...

Thank-you for the update. We were hoping and praying that all was well and that the shutters did the trick.
We look forward to seeing all our friends at the reef the end of Oct.
Warm Regards--Julie and Jim Bechtold.